What ‘Undeniable Truth’ is Greenwich Democratic Town Committee Promoting?


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To the Editor:

I write as another long-time former “(John) Kennedy Democrat.” It is bad enough that college students and even some faculty members are backing terrorist organizations like Hamas in the latest middle Eastern conflict, but I have been told that closer to home, the Greenwich Democratic Town Committee (DTC) has taken the position that “BLM is no longer a debatable assertion, but rather an undeniable truth in everyone’s mind.” I do not understand what “undeniable truth” the DTC is promoting locally.

The real “undeniable truth” is that under international law, including the Hague and Geneva, conventions, Israel has the right (and duty) to its own citizens to use every lawful means of warfare to defeat Hamas. 

Will Indivisible Greenwich members running for RTM denounce BLM and other such organizations for their pro-terrorist stances? What about BET candidates? 

“Indivisible Greenwich” has called for defunding police and donating to “Act Blue.”

What about other politicians from Greenwich, including our Governor, our US Congressional delegate and US Senator? 

I believe all of these politicians have been contacted regarding this subject and have not responded. 

It seems disingenuous and hypocritical to support Israel at a flag-raising ceremony without denouncing anti-semitic organizations that support terrorism. 


George Hritz
Cos Cob