Whose Town is This Anyway?

Credit: Robin Breeding


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To the Editor: 

Plan & Zoning Commission: the very name makes eyes glaze over. Boring, right? Wrong. With state and federal statutes clawing back more and more of our right to local rule, the TPZ are unsung heroes defending the front line of Fairfield’s future.Each year they face a siege of new construction and development proposals, along with requested zoning changes — some beneficial — many are predatory 8-30g projects. 

Theirs is the daunting task of keeping Our Town OURS: preserving our unique neighborhoods and open spaces; protecting our glorious natural surrounds and historic small-town character; promoting public safety, controlling traffic and reining in taxpayer expense.  

On November 7th we have a chance to reelect two outstanding commissioners who have a stellar record of fighting for Fairfield and, equally importantly, educating the public on what’s at stake: Kathryn Braun and Alexis Harrison. Be sure they get your vote.

Ellen Jacob