Vote Gerber and Vitale in Fairfield — Experience, Background, Commitment


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To the Editor: 

We will be voting for Bill Gerber and Christine Vitale on November 7 for Fairfield First Selectman and Selectman. 

We had the chance to meet Bill and Christine recently and were impressed with their backgrounds and devotion to the town. Bill has been an RTM member for 10 years and Christine is serving her 6th year on the Fairfield Board of Education. 

Like many town residents, we felt Brenda Kupchick was a strong leader through the pandemic. But there were moments when we had serious questions. For example, why did Ms. Kupchick appoint someone to be the Republican Registrar of Voters who had been an election denier for several months after the 2020 election? The sanctity of free and fair elections is a paramount issue for us, and that appointment made no sense. Why did Ms. Kupchick not file for intervenor status immediately upon learning in 2021 of United Illuminating’s plan to upgrade transmission lines that would pass through Fairfield along the railroad tracks? At the very least, why didn’t she think to inform neighbors and abutting businesses that this project was being presented to the Siting Council? Why did Ms. Kupchick respond to neighbors’ concerns about foul smells associated with the digester at the town’s wastewater treatment facility by passing the buck and saying in effect “we are not responsible.”

These missed opportunities to do the right thing show a lack of concern for Fairfield residents. We have followed Bill Gerber and Christine Vitale through their campaign, Bill most recently at the Rotary Club debate, and the more we learn, the more we want to help get them elected. Their considerable experience, lengthy commitment to public service and cooperative temperament are reasons Bill and Christine have our vote. 

Doug Fried and Lori Hashizume