Safety and Security


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To the Editor:

Unfortunately, crime is increasing in the United States from large cities to small villages. With an interstate highway through the center of town, four schools, and a summer crowd that doubles our population, Old Lyme is faced with safety and security challenges.

The role of first selectman in our town includes Chief of Police. The first selectman must coordinate and oversee all local police training and activities as well as partnering with the resident Connecticut State trooper and coordinating with Westbrook barracks to ensure and enforce all laws and safety precautions.

With 29 years as a State Trooper and four years as a Marine, John Mesham has the skills, knowledge, and experience to lead our town in all areas of safety and security. Our citizens, businesses, and children need the best protection possible in this dangerous time. 

Vote John Mesham for First Selectman in November.

David Griswold
Old Lyme