Old Lyme Republicans Respond to Defaced Signs


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Dear Fellow Citizens of Old Lyme:

Last night, signs presenting the candidates for the Board of Selectmen in the November Election were defaced with horrible, indecent words and symbols of hatred.

This occurred on signs for both the Republican and Democrat Candidates. These acts of vandalism are deplorable in all cases.

All Old Lyme Republicans are outraged by these heinous actions and abhor such criminal behavior. We ask everyone in the public to report any eyewitness accounts or other evidence to the Old Lyme Police which might identify the culprits so they can be brought to justice.

There is no place for this kind of filthy behavior and detestation in our town. We have policy differences with the Democrat party in Old Lyme, but those differences are characterized by respectful agreement to disagree. We respect their candidates’ rights to present their positions without defacing of their campaign signs just as expect the same rights for our candidates.

We fully expect the Old Lyme Democrats are in lock step with Old Lyme Republicans in condemning such horrible and hateful behavior.

Old Lyme is better than that. We hope the perpetrators of these crimes will be found and arrested.

Most Sincerely,

The Old Lyme Republicans