East Lyme Candidate Makes Her Case for a Seat on Planning


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To the Editor:

My name is Bonnie Smithers. I am running for the Planning Commission in East Lyme. I seek your vote because I love my town and want to represent the people of East Lyme. When I speak of local politics, I think less of partisanship, and more of how I can impact our town.

I’ve been a summer resident of East Lyme for over 50 years and a permanent resident for 15 years. I am committed to keeping the culture and ambience of our town intact. I will use common sense and advocate for your needs. I want to hear your input, your feedback, your voice and most of all, I want to serve you as a voluntary representative of your town. Many of our opponents may try to sway you with their progressive promises, but I will see you through to keeping East Lyme the place we know and love.

There are challenges: affordable housing requirements, short term rental issues, and maintaining a reasonable balance of residential and commercial development.

I am no stranger to challenges.

In 2010, I created a Spanish program for grades K-5 in Preston, a program I strive to improve every day. Raising two children on my own was no easy task, and I marvel at their success as adults.

That is why you should vote Row B, because our team is committed to serving our community and being fiscally responsible leaders for this exceptional town.

Bonnie Smithers
East Lyme, CT