Proposed Halls Road Overlay District Consistent with Character of Old Lyme


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To the Editor:

What is the character of Old Lyme? Yes, it consists of its natural beauty and architecture represented by Lyme Street. Halls Road is the outlier and certainly does not represent the quintessential New England town we prefer. The overlay district proposal includes an architectural advisory board to make sure Halls Road future construction conforms with the architecture on Lyme Street.

Our town’s character also includes supporting both our senior citizens as well as our young adults who grew up here. It is completely in character to offer seniors looking to downsize or young adults, who cannot afford single family homes, a less expensive alternative. Providing reasonably priced housing for them is a great way to maintain Old Lyme’s character.

Most of our businesses on Halls Road are hidden away and not visible from the main road. Providing business with an alternative to relocate where customers can actually see them is also very consistent with our town’s character.

Howard Margules
Old Lyme

Margules is a member of the Old Lyme Halls Road Improvements Committee and a candidate for the Planning Commission