Kupchick ‘A Tremendous Breath of Fresh Air’ to Fairfield Town Government


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To the Editor:

I am writing enthusiastically to support Brenda Kupchick’s re-election for First Selectwoman, and Brian Farnen’s election for Selectman in Fairfield.

Brenda has brought a tremendous breath-of-fresh-air to our town’s government – her transparency, communication, and get-it-done attitude has been sorely missing from Town Hall for years. And her record speaks for itself: flawlessly leading Fairfield through the early days of the COVID pandemic, cleaning up widespread corruption (see Gould Manor Park), and keeping taxes at 1% or less growth each year while continuing to invest in our schools, infrastructure, and public safety.

I have been inspired by Brenda’s leadership and am running for RTM in District 8. I’m excited to support her administration’s initiatives in our town’s legislative body. Specifically, I look forward to building on Brenda’s success in growing the town’s grand list – by positioning our town as a vibrant place for businesses to thrive – in order to ease the tax burden on our residents, so that Fairfielders who have contributed to our town’s growth can live and retire in our town.

Collin Colburn

Colburn, a Republican, is running for Fairfield RTM District 8