Old Lyme Selectmen’s Debate Highlighted Party Divide on Halls Road Development


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To the Editor:

Having attended last night’s selectman’s debate, this unaffiliated voter sums up the outcome as follows:

The candidates for Select-person Reed and Lampos were impressive, their responses to all questions were well stated leaving no doubt as to their position on the subject. One could almost feel their passion for wanting to serve the town and willingness to hear all sides of the matter at hand. The candidates for First Select-person Mesham and Shoemaker were, to say it kindly, less impressive with typical canned wishy washy responses to the questions.

The issue where there was a definite divide between the R’s and D’s was the issue of Halls Road. The D’s like the grand plan that would remake Halls Road into a dense mixed use neighborhood that would forever change the character of Old Lyme. The R’s position is that the Halls Road Improvement Committee have gone way beyond the original mandate of sidewalks and lighting improvements and are against the grand plan.

Whichever party wins the majority of Select-person positions in this upcoming election will most likely decide which direction Halls Road will take. Voters have a clear choice here, grand plan or sidewalks and lighting. Hopefully voters will not let party affiliation blind them into making the wrong choice. 

William Folland
Old Lyme