‘I Am Not a Politician, but a People Person,’ New London Mayoral Candidate Carter

Beloved Carter, Republican candidate for mayor of New London (Photo: courtesy of the candidate)


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To the Editor:

“I’ve paid enough people enough money, I’m going to Win!”

These alarming words resounded in my ears by a former New London mayor. I ask you, is this really what it’s all about…MONEY? Of course I realize that “money answers all things” according to the wisest man who ever lived, King Solomon in Ecclesiastes 10:19, but is it to choose concrete over compassion, new building facades over rebuilding houses for families?

Some of you may know me by Mary Jane Dillon, some may by Mary Jane Rollins, some even by Mary Marshall. But on May 8, 2010, after a devastating divorce, I cried out to the ONLY one who truly knew ME. “God, I just want someone to love me for who I am, not just for what I can give them.” That was the day Beloved-Grace Adella Carter was born.

I am not a politician, but a people person.

What does this have to do with me running in a mayoral race? My family has lived in this city for seven generations, from my great-grandfather to my great grandchildren. I love New London; its people, its port and everything about it.  It’s MY HOME.

Hired by F.R.E.S.H. New London I was chosen to be the first Education Coordinator, working as a liaison between our elementary, middle and high school to engage students in hands on knowledge of agriculture, organic gardening and vermiculture. It was one of my greatest joys!

I am the former director of the New London Breakfast Club which has been in existence for over 25 years. It is the only free breakfast served in our community. We also serve a free community luncheon every second Saturday of the month from January to June. Every Monday I and my team can be found preparing and serving a hot home cooked meal to anyone who needs it. 

I have heard every story imaginable from the lips of those who want and appreciate a listening, caring ear. I have cried with their losses and rejoiced with their successes! I came to realize that everyone homeless is not a drug addict. Some fell on hard times because of having covid, others due to their employers closing and not reopening. These individuals continue to remain in New London, hoping and wanting to again be a contributing member of this community.

This world is changing. Life as we once knew it is morphing into something our forefathers would hardly recognize. I understand the need for change but I also understand the need to remain steadfast in the basic tenets of a democratic society: truth, love, respect and fairness.

We have a beautiful renovated high school that promises better learning conditions for the youth of our community. But did you know that teachers in New London are paid almost $13,000 below the average salary according to CT Teachers’ Salaries by Town-TRS Contribution Data P Balderston analytics.

New London High School students at risk of not graduating is at an alarming 42.22%, as reported by CT Mirror. SHOCKING! Could there be a correlation between the two?

What is the delay in initiating the Fair Rent Housing Commission in our beautiful city? Our goal in implementing this should be to protect the civil rights of renters, owners and landlords in promoting and protecting fair housing. As a member of this commission appointed by the present mayor, this commission should and will advocate for diversity and inclusion to ensure that all persons in New London are treated equitably.

As Mayor of New London, I will insist on transparency in local city government: line item budgets, transparent agendas, no rubber stamping and a balanced bi- partisan rule. Collaboration of the city boards, commissions, non-profits organizations, small businesses and all departments will be our joint priority. The face of our representatives should “represent” our community’s needs and goals. I will work together with our Board of Education, City Council, Police, Fire and all departments to insure a homogeneous community; it’s time to Unite our Beloved New London.

I thank everyone who has taken the time to read this article and to consider me as your next Mayor of New London, CT

Beloved Carter
New London

Carter is the Republican mayoral candidate in New London