Setting the Record Straight: Candidate for Old Lyme Tax Collector


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To the Editor:

We are responding to Michael Miller’s reprehensible attack against Bonnie Reemsnyder in his letter of October 16. To set the record straight, Bonnie Reemsnyder resigned from the Port Authority because of a misunderstanding regarding the purchase of professional photographs by the Port Authority from her daughter. This misinformation triggered Governor Lamont’s reaction, not allegations of financial mismanagement. In fact, the Port Authority made the purchase independent of any participation by Bonnie, as she expressly distanced herself from the transaction and recused herself from any board decision-making. Bonnie did nothing improper or unethical.

 We have known Bonnie for over 20 years as an outstanding business, professional and public servant. We know no-one more honest and ethical than Bonnie Reemsnyder and watched as those traits governed her conduct over her tenure as a Selectwoman. It is unfortunate that leaders of the Old Lyme Republican party have resorted to telling misleading stories only to support their personal agenda. This behavior is unethical and insulting to voters.

Bonnie Reemsnyder served the Town of Old Lyme as an immensely popular First Selectwoman for 8 years, resulting in an impressive list of accomplishments which led to significant cost savings for the town and major improvements to our town infrastructure. For example: redirecting the Federal Department of Transportation away from a plan to route train lines through the heart of Old Lyme; securing a state grant to cover 50% of the cost to replace the Mile Creek Bridge; and establishment of processes and oversight to ensure transparency and consistency in the management of town maintenance and capital projects. Bonnie has a demonstrated record of implementing strong business practices and sound fiscal management processes that ensure proper controls to protect the town’s financial assets.

Old Lyme would benefit from Bonnie’s return to public service as Old Lyme Tax Collector and I urge you to vote for her on November 7.

Eileen and John Mueller
Old Lyme