BET Republicans: Leading the Way for Fiscal Responsibility in Our Town


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To the Editor:

At last night’s League of Women Voters (LWV) BET debate one thing was abundantly clear: the six Republican BET candidates are the more responsible choice to continue to steer the ship of financial stewardship for our town. Over the past century, under Republican leadership, the BET has played a pivotal role in transforming our town into a thriving community of nearly 63,000 residents, offering one of the highest qualities of life in the nation. 

This remarkable achievement includes our high quality schools, one of the safest communities in the country, well-maintained roads and infrastructure that enhance our daily lives, and numerous well-kept parks and recreational spaces for everyone to enjoy—all while working diligently to keep the tax burden on our residents as low as possible. 

The Democrats expressed last night a familiar fiscal federal and state policy of tax, spend, and grandly borrow their way to prosperity. Greenwich residents currently shoulder too much debt with Democrat led Federal debt at $100,207 per capita and Connecticut’s state debt at $15,018 per capita the second-highest in the nation. In contrast, the Republican led town debt is a manageable $2,434 per capita. Who would you want in charge of your Town finances? 

Perhaps the most insidious aspect of unbridled spending is the correlated excessive borrowing. While borrowing can fund essential infrastructure and capital projects, our Town must approach it with a careful eye on our long-term financial health. Too often, a “spend now, pay later” mentality results in an accumulation of debt that burdens future generations, leaving towns to grapple with the consequences of decisions made by prior administrations. 

In many cases, these failed fiscal policies are a direct reflection of unsustainable promises and political expediency. Democrat leaders who promise the moon and back, without a realistic financial plan to support these promises, can lead our town down a treacherous path of mounting debt and stifling taxation. 

In an era of economic challenges and uncertainty, our Town has led by example. We must avoid implementing the Democrats extravagant “tax, spend, and borrow” playbook at the local level. The Republican six BET members will continue to advocate for responsible fiscal stewardship  that promotes economic growth, financial security, and a brighter future for all. All of our residents, including our hard working families, senior citizens, and businesses deserve responsible, accountable governance. 

On Tuesday, November 7th, Vote FOR all 6 Republican BET candidates: David Alfano, Nisha Arora, Karen Fassuliotis, Harry Fisher, Lucia Jansen, Leslie Tarkington 

Lucia Jansen

Jansen is a Republican candidate for the Greenwich BET