Kupchick’s ‘Mounting Pile of Debacles’ in Fairfield


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To the Editor:

Five years have passed since the Fairfield landfill contamination fiasco occurred. The three culprits were caught and arrested, and they are awaiting sentencing. The then-first selectman (a Democrat) was exonerated by a State Board of Inquiry (comprised of one Democrat and two Republicans) of having any knowledge thereof or having been personally involved; yet Ms. Kupchick (a Republican) continues to campaign on this issue and to blame any missteps during her own tenure as first selectwoman on the previous administration.

While throwing stones, though, Ms. Kupchick continues to evade her own responsibility for the mounting pile of debacles that have thus far surfaced. To name a few (some of which have made headlines and are covered in Democratic candidate Bill Gerber’s recent mailing):

  1. Misuse of town credit cards by her staff members
  2. Possible improper use of the town’s police boat by the RTC
  3. Over two years of stalled negotiations on a firefighters contract (still no back pay and still GROSSLY UNDERSTAFFED), while her administration immediately (and curiously) backed the policemen’s contract
  4. A last-second rescue for beach residents to secure their flood insurance discount
  5. Failure to enact even the most common sense of revisions to the charter, in a process that was viewed as highly political
  6. Use of the taxpayer-funded town newsletter for her personal agenda
  7. Unprecedented dysfunction in the Registrar of Voters’ office that threatens to undermine the election process, including sudden, revved-up, unproven fraud charges
  8. Lack of proper reimbursement for her health insurance coverage as required by law, followed by a statement (CT Examiner interview 8/22/23) that she really “shouldn’t have to pay it back because of [her] employee’s error” …although a committee is reportedly working on a pay raise for Ms. Kupchick. Talk about chutzpah!

With this growing list of “no-no’s,” and no credible answers forthcoming to any of the above, and not knowing what other improprieties are lurking, I urge Fairfield’s residents to elect on November 7 a more honest, more open and accountable, and more trustworthy person to lead us, and Bill Gerber is that person.

Sonia Strauss