Support Gerber for Fairfield First Selectman


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To the Editor,

I have known Bill Gerber for over 20 years, and I am thrilled to be voting for him for First Selectman on November 7. 

Bill holds multiple degrees (BA from Wesleyan, Masters in Accounting and MBA from NYU Stern School of Business; MPH from George Washington University); has worked for three decades in corporate finance (former CFO of Citinsurance and White Mountains Reinsurance); and served for ten years on the RTM. 

These are impressive credentials for any First Selectman. However, I am most excited to support Bill because of his personal qualities. He is kind, thoughtful and empathetic. He has a wonderful sense of humor. He considers how his words and actions impact others. He celebrates and recognizes the achievements of others. He takes his work and responsibilities seriously but he does not take himself too seriously.  He has the strength of character of a leader but also the humility of a great team player.

I have lived in Fairfield for 22 years. My children grew up here and attended Fairfield Public Schools, where they gained valuable experiences that have shaped them through college and beyond. We spent our weekends and summers at Fairfield parks, playing fields, and beaches. I love this community and treasure the friendships I’ve formed over the years, including my friendship with Bill. I can’t think of anyone I would rather see at the helm of our town government.

Please join me in supporting Bill Gerber and Christine Vitale, Row A, on Tuesday, November 7.

Karen Houghton