Reelect Gaudio and Willis to Old Lyme Planning Commission


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To the Editor:

I am writing this letter to strongly urge the voters in Old Lyme to re-elect Barbara Gaudio and Donald Willis to the Planning Commission on November 7th.

The importance of the Planning Commission’s work cannot be overstated. The Planning Commission members are the gatekeepers for prudent and sensible property development in Old Lyme. These two incumbent Planning Commission members have been endorsed by the Old Lyme Republicans. Both of these folks are longtime residents of Old Lyme with deep roots in the community. Both have solid experience on the Planning Commission and both are in favor of development in Old Lyme when it is compliant with development regulations and congruous with the character of Old Lyme.

Barbara Gaudio is an unaffiliated voter and has served on the Commission since 2018. During that time, she has distinguished herself as a fair-minded and prudent commissioner. Barbara has lived in Old Lyme for 30 years and raised her two children here. Both daughters attended District 18 schools.

Ms. Gaudio has an educational and career background in business. She was an alternate member of the Planning Commission and is currently a full member. Barbara previously served on the Economic Development Commission in Old Lyme for many years. She supports fostering development that is sensible and consistent with the fabric of Old Lyme.

Donald Willis is a lifelong resident of Old Lyme for over 60 years. Don brings both a salient and unique perspective to the Planning Commission. Don worked for the Connecticut DOT for 29 years prior to his retirement. Hence, he is very familiar with roadway and bridge construction regulations. He was a significant contributor to the Lyme Street Rehabilitation Project. Furthermore, Don has served on the Planning Commission for over ten years and is intimately familiar with the major applications currently before the Commission.

Don’s local ties to the community run deep as he has served as a volunteer firefighter for the Old Lyme Fire Department for 20 years. He attended the District 18 schools and was a past member of the Inland Wetlands Commission.

Both Barbara Gaudio and Donald Willis are experienced and competent gatekeepers for our community. Please vote to re-elect these two exemplary public servants on November 7th to the Planning Commission.

Respectfully yours,

Christopher W. Kerr
Old Lyme