A Tale of Two Candidates


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To the Editor:

​On November 7, 2023, the voters of Old Lyme will choose as their Tax Collector one of two candidates: Suzanne Thompson endorsed by the Republican Town Committee and Bonnie Reemsnyder endorsed by the Democratic Town Committee. 

Suzanne and her family have lived in Old Lyme for over twenty years. She has earned a Master’s degree and has held high-level management positions in large corporations, small entrepreneurial businesses, nonprofit organizations and in the federal government. She has served on many volunteer committees in our town. Before declaring her candidacy for Tax Collector, she learned what her duties and responsibilities will be in that position by working in the Old Lyme Tax Collector’s Office since January 2023. She has learned the revenue collection, billing, collecting and depositing systems and has maintained the town’s tax revenue and record system. Suzanne has a flawless and impeccable professional resume.

​The same cannot be said for the other candidate. Governor Ned Lamont in a press release dated July 24, 2019, called for the removal of Bonnie Reemsnyder in her role as the Chair of the Connecticut Port Authority. According to the Democrat governor, her actions as  the chair of that agency were inappropriate and unacceptable and he called for her resignation. The basis of the governor’s request was her unethical mismanagement of that agency’s public monies. The governor could no longer trust her with any financial responsibilities, and neither should the people of Old Lyme.

​Suzanne Thompson is the clear choice to manage our valuable tax revenues.

Michael F. Miller
Old Lyme