In Connecticut, More Free Stuff

An electric car charging An electric car charging in California


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Recently, a friend from the west coast visited Old Lyme to see friends and relatives. They rented an electric car for the slightly over a month spent in New England. Since they were staying with friends in Old Lyme I asked where they could charge the car battery.

The reply was surprising. They said they took the car to the DEEP LIS Headquarters on Ferry Rd where they could plug it in and leave it for six hours which would charge the battery about 40%. When I asked about the cost they replied there was no cost, it is free.

Wow, so in addition to using the roads at no cost since electric car drivers pay no fuel taxes, the State of Connecticut is also providing car charging at no cost. This is available to anyone, not just Connecticut residents and taxpayers.

My question to Governor Lamont and the Commissioners of DEEP and DOT, is where are the pumps where the taxpayers who are supporting those with electric cars go to get our free gasoline? It appears this is another example of “free stuff” that is paid for by taxpayers being available to a select few.

Our State government should bear in mind what Margaret Thatcher said many years ago, “The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other peoples money.” Taxes that almost the highest of all the states in the U.S. are a major reason for Connecticut having a net out migration of people and business for many years. Those people are not waiting around for the state government to use up all their money.

Steven A Ross
Old Lyme