Candidate Choices in Groton for Strong Town Leadership


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To the Editor:

Many of us in Groton feel a need for change in our town government and the one-party dominance that has existed in recent years. Now, this voting season, we have the opportunity to elect from another political party affiliation and with people who want to help make the process more inclusive and more accountable for the Groton citizens themselves.

These changes will be especially effective with the Town Council meetings as well as the re-use of town properties.

The following candidates bring strong knowledge of property re-use as well as financial management to the table, along with previous labor union, engineering, military, RTM and subcommittee experience. All are focused on Groton’s need for affordable housing and a few have transferred from other political parties.

  •  Groton Independents: William Furgueson, Lauren Gauthier, Bruce McDermott and Scott Westervelt
  •  Democrats: David McBride and Portia Bordelon

I would be very satisfied if these six candidates were on the Town Council, for certain. Beyond this point, I am undecided and still considering other endorsements, based on what I have read and seen.

For the Groton Board of Education, the following candidates bring parental, teaching, engineering, supervisory and budgetary disciplines to help guide the process:

  • Democrats: Adrian Johnson and Ian Thomas
  • Republicans: Jenn White

I feel all these candidates exemplify my conception of the character of proper town leadership.

Ed Johnson