Four Board of Ed Candidates Recommended by Region 18 Board Member

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To the Editor:

The Old Lyme voters have two candidates Steven Wilson and Suzanne Thompson who are running for reelection to the Board of Education. I have been working with Steven and Suzanne for two years on the BOE. It is an honor to work with both of these individuals due to their dedication, experience, and knowledge of District 18 Schools.

As a new board member I have learned from and have received support and guidance from Steven who is the Chairman of the BOE. Steven is doing an amazing job promoting an environment where all board members feel comfortable asking questions and expressing their feelings on a matter.

Suzanne is a team player who respects and listens to all information that comes in front of the Board of Education. She asks important questions that foster understanding of the issues or concerns facing the board. Suzanne has the ability to understand policies and where changes could be made. She is also very committed to improving communication in various ways with our community members.

I am excited to support the reelection of Mary Powell-St.Louis for the Board of Education for Lyme. Mary puts a lot of energy, time, and diligence in her role as a member of the BOE. She spends time doing research and getting the facts out to the rest of us. She is part of the Finance and Facilities Committee of the Board of Education. Mary is dedicating her time to being a part of the Building Project Committee also.

I have the pleasure of supporting the election of Michael Presti to the Board of Education. I know he would be a great addition to the BOE. He is someone you feel comfortable talking to and he takes the time to listen. Michael’s ability to understand problems and work with others to find solutions is a big plus for being on the Board of Education.

Please vote for Steven Wilson, Suzanne Thompson, Mary Powell-St.Louis, and Michael Presti on November 7th for the Lyme/Old Lyme Board of Education!


Laura Dean-Frazier
Old Lyme

Dean-Frazier is an Unaffiliated member of the Lyme/Old Lyme Board of Education