Former Fairfield Selectman Supports Reelection of Kupchick

Credit: Robin Breeding


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To the Editor:

I am writing to express my wholehearted support for Brenda Kupchick as our Fairfield First Selectwoman. Over the past four years, she has demonstrated exceptional leadership and unwavering dedication to the betterment of our town, and I believe she has earned our vote in the upcoming election. 

Under Brenda’s leadership, Fairfield has faced various challenges, and she has tackled them with vigor and competence. Her approach to fiscal responsibility has been commendable, ensuring that our town’s finances are well-managed, and our tax dollars are used efficiently. She has consistently sought to strike a balance between providing essential services and keeping property taxes in check, a feat that deserves recognition. 

First Selectwoman Kupchick has also been a strong advocate for public safety. She has worked diligently to enhance our town’s emergency response capabilities and promote community policing, creating a safer environment for our residents. She’s invested in road and sidewalk improvements and critical flood mitigation initiatives, enhancing our neighborhoods.

Brenda’s responsiveness, accessibility, and transparency when addressing the concerns and ideas of the people of Fairfield are noteworthy, especially through the use of her town newsletter. She has conducted herself with integrity, actively engaging with citizens and listening to their needs, which is essential for effective governance. 

Considering these accomplishments and her steadfast leadership over the past four years, I believe that First Selectwoman Kupchick has earned our support for reelection. I encourage all Fairfield residents to cast their vote for Brenda for First Selectwoman and Brian Farnen for Selectman in the upcoming election.

Sincerely, Chris Tymniak

Tymniak served as a Selectman in Fairfield from 2015 to 2019