Stamford Board of Representatives Condemns Attacks on Israel


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To the Editor:

The 31st Stamford Board of Representatives strongly condemns the attacks against Israel. The acts of brutal violence and terror unleashed on Israel are beyond comprehension.  

The Stamford Board of Representatives extends its condolences to all those with family and friends who have been affected by the horrendous actions of Hamas. Our hearts share  tremendous sorrow as we mourn the loss of life.  

We continue to pray for the safe and swift return of all hostages and deeply hope that this conflict  ends so those affected can begin to heal. 


Jeff Curtis
31st Board of Representatives 

The 31st Stamford Board of Representatives:
Rep. Terry Adams
Rep. Phil Berns
Rep. Bradley Bewkes
Rep. Sean Boeger
Rep. Bonnie Kim Campbell
Rep. Megan Cottrell
Rep. Virgil de la Cruz
Rep. Mary Fedeli
Rep. Anabel Figueroa
Rep. Stephen Garst 
Rep. Cara Gilbride 
Rep. Amiel Goldberg 
Rep. James Grunberger 
Rep. Jonathan Jacobson 
Rep. Ashley Ley 
Rep. Don Mays 
Rep. Jennifer Matheny
Rep. Lindsey Miller
Rep. Mavina Moore 
Rep. Eric Morson
Rep. Denis W. Patterson 
Rep. Bobby Pavia
Rep. Maureen Pollack 
Rep. Dan Sandford 
Rep. Ramya Shaw 
Rep. Nina Sherwood 
Rep. Bianca Shinn 
Rep. Jeffrey Stella
Rep. Annie Summerville  
Rep. Carmine Tomas
Rep. Kindrea Walston 
Rep. David Watkins 
Rep. Carl Weinberg

— Editor’s note: An updated version of this letter, dated Oct. 13, 2023, was posted on Oct. 22, 2023.