Lyme Candidate Pledges to ‘Keep Region 18 Focused on Students and Teachers’


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To the Editor:

I’m writing to ask Lyme voters for their vote in the upcoming election for the Region 18 Board of Education. 

I’m a father of two young children attending Region 18 schools. Professionally, I work as the director of a national arts advocacy  non-profit and I am an entrepreneur, artist, and a long time community organizer.

As a volunteer, I’ve worked in my kids’ classrooms since their first days of pre-K, run programs and fundraisers for the PTA, and served as its president. Outside the classroom, I am active in my church and Scouts and I co-chaired Lyme’s SustainableCT committee. 

I’m running for the BOE because of my commitment to community, an interest in making our region even better, and a life-long passion for fostering kids to become the leaders of tomorrow. 

Most importantly, I will put kids first. I will prioritize giving students the tools for success on their individual paths in a rapidly changing world.

I value teachers as professionals and I look forward to collaborating with educators to pave the way for student and teacher success. I chat with teachers, administrators and staff regularly and will keep my finger on the pulse of what’s going on day-to-day in the classroom, not just through the occasional written report. 

As a parent, I understand the importance of being validated and honored as partners in our kids’ education. I will listen to and work with the concerns of all parents. 

Finally, I will stand as a voice for diversity within our schools while standing up to the corrosive effects of nonsensical politics coming from outside our community. There is no reason any Board of Education should be manipulated by politics. It exists to serve the students and teachers. I pledge to keep Region 18 focused on students and teachers. 

It is not often that we are confronted with extraordinary times in local community elections, but this year is one of those elections where your vote will truly make a difference. 

As your representative, I will prioritize Lyme’s values of self-expression and independence and always put kids first.  


Gavin Lodge

Lodge is a Democratic candidate for the Region 18 Board of Education