Gerber for Fairfield First Selectman, ‘A Natural Unifier and Problem Solver’


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To the Editor: 

Fairfield has long needed compassionate and connected leadership in the Office of the First Selectman. There is no shortage of traditionally credentialed leaders in our town, many of whom hold advanced degrees and have years of experience in local office. To be certain, Bill Gerber excels in this regard. But what sets Bill apart —and what makes him best suited to lead Fairfield— is his profound compassion for and dedication to people. 

After knowing Bill for many years, I’ve appreciated how he leads with kindness and care. How he demonstrates his compassion and intelligence through his commitment to our community. How even with his accolades and impressive resume, he maintains a casual and approachable way about him that welcomes everyone he meets. 

Bill is a natural unifier and problem solver. Because he puts people first, the solutions he offers (see, for example, his proposed Safe & Livable Streets Ordinance) consider all voices and represent what Fairfielders want and deserve. 

Fairfield faces obstacles that have proven divisive. Bill has what it takes to bring Fairfielders together to make progress and realize a better future for our town. 

On November 7th, the choice is easy: Vote Gerber/Vitale. 

Ian Leighton
Fairfield, CT