Connecticut GOP Candidates and the Elephant in the Room


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To the Editor:

Well, I just don’t get it.

Republicans in this state continue to run for office while they avoid speaking about the state of the Republican Party.

Do they support the National GOP which continues to pretend that the people who stormed our Capitol were merely tourists trying to do selfies?

Do they believe that the 2020 election was rigged and Donald Trump is really the President?

Do they still support the former President who has now been indicted four times and is facing over 90 charges from mishandling of top secret documents to business fraud?

Do they support Jim Jordan for Speaker, a man the January 6th Commission found was active in efforts to overturn the election?  Or, are they backing Steve Scalise, who once labelled himself as “David Duke without the baggage?

Do they believe in banning books from our schools and libraries?

I do not belong to either major political party because I feel unrepresented by both. In the 70’s I worked with Jimmy Carter, a man I love to this day. He was and is a man of foresight, integrity with a high regard for humanity.

On the “GOP side,” my cousin was the late Supreme Court Chief Justice Warren Burger.  I adored and respected Warren, an Eisenhower Republican, who prized truth and honesty above all else.

What values do our local GOP candidates adhere to? Do they believe as their national leaders do? Will they dare speak about the elephant which occupies their rooms?

Local elections are extremely important to the future of our country. Should their silence be interpreted as complicity? I cannot vote blindly for people who lack the courage to stand up for their beliefs. 

Charlotte Scot
Old Lyme