Vote Kupchick for Four More Years of Accomplishments in Fairfield


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To the Editor:

Do we really want to go back to where we were four short years ago? 

Over the past four years, Brenda Kupchick has accomplished so much for the Town of Fairfield in the areas of safety, attractiveness and affordability:

1. Remediated 40 toxic sites polluted prior to 2020 and took corrective action on Penfield Pavilion. 

3. Lead us effectively, and humanely through the worst pandemic of our lifetimes.

4. Worked to aid and promote town non-profits. (1) Successfully purchased several properties in Fairfield, aimed at converting single family homes into multi-unit affordable housing; (2) selling land to Operation Hope to allow them to build their new headquarters in Fairfield.

5. Approved an operational audit of our WPCA facility in an effort to assess and improve operations, spending and control.

6. Crafted and received approval for four, reasonable, and comprehensive annual town budgets.

7. Hired and reorganized several key Town Hall departments after multiple town employees from the prior administration were arrested. 

8. Added the position of CAO to bring a badly needed level of management skills to town hall operations. 

9. Developed and executed a town VRIP to improve resources needed to provide modernized town services.

10. Purchased the former Giant Steps property for use as the Alternative High School.

11. Established a bi-partisan working group comprised of various boards to give input on capital expenditure projects.

12. Established an alliance with a Ukraine sister city Kostiantynivka, to provide financial and emotional support to war torn communities.

13. Added a Grant Funding Coordinator in town hall to enhance the town’s ability to identify obtain grants.

14. Kick-started the stalled development in the Fairfield Metro area.

15. Implemented a bi-weekly newsletter for all town residents to inform us of important issues.

17. Advanced usage of digital tools in town hall to improve efficiency and services to taxpayers, including: (1) a new town website; (2) audio/video enabled meeting rooms.

18. Enacted the “Age Friendly Initiative” in Fairfield – a comprehensive AARP network that works to make communities more livable for people of all ages, especially older adults.

Without the drag of one time issues (toxic waste, Covid, municipal corruption, etc.) just imagine what she might accomplish over the next four years. Re-elect Brenda by voting Kupchick/Farnen!

Jan Carpenter