Maintain Sound Fiscal Stewardship in Old Lyme


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To the Editor:

I am writing this letter to inform the voters of Old Lyme just how capable our Board of Finance Members are. I have been a member of the Board of Finance for almost 20 years and its Chair for 16 of those years.  I do so to ask you to vote for the Republican incumbents running for our Board of Finance this year.

Here is the why in this ask:

The Republican led Board of Finance majority has an impeccable track record of fiscal responsibility.  This BOF has kept taxes low with a stable mill rate for years now.  Here is the record for your perusal.

  • Year 2023-2024 – 0% increase in taxes (zero increase in mill rate)
  • Year 2022-2023 – 2.8% increase in taxes
  • Year 2021-2022 – 1.1% increase in taxes

This legacy of careful and judicious financial management makes Old Lyme’s taxes both reasonable and affordable.

All of this sound fiscal stewardship has occurred while the town has spent money where it is needed.

These achievements have occurred because we have had the right people on the Board of Finance, and they need to be re-elected to assure this admirable fiscal stewardship continues.

I have had the privilege of working closely with these three members that are up for re-election: 

H. Perry Garvin III (Full Member – Board of Finance)

Mr. Garvin has served the Town of Old Lyme on the Board of Finance for 26 years.  He is one of the people who has guided the Board of Finance through many years of financial challenges with focus on fiscal responsibility.

Mr. Garvin is a lifelong resident of Old Lyme where both he and his children attended Lyme – Old Lyme schools.

Mr. Garvin brings an essential historical perspective and great experience in our Board of Finance.  He has intimate knowledge of Old Lyme finances and revenue details.

Maria Corrao Marchant (Alternate – Board of Finance)

Maria has served on the Board as an Alternate since 2019.  She has demonstrated sound financial management in her decisions and tenacity in drilling down into the details.

Maria has a strong financial management background as a self-employed person in the healthcare industry for over 20 years.  She is a lifelong resident of Old Lyme and therefore believes in keeping the town fiscally sound.  She attended the District 18 school system just as her two daughters have.

Matthew Olson (Alternate – Board of Finance)

Matt hold degrees including a Bachelor of Arts and an Executive MBA and has a strong finance and management background.  He is currently a Senior Director of Travelers Insurance in Hartford.  Prior to his private sector career, Matt retired as a Commander in the U.S. Navy.

Matt has served on the Board of Finance as an alternate since 2019 and has lived in Old Lyme since 2009.  His three children all graduated from the Old Lyme school system.

Matt has been a steady supporter of keeping Old Lyme properly funded but with affordable taxes.

These three incumbent candidates should be re-elected based on their exemplary accomplishments on the Board of Finance.  We need them to help keep our town in the stable financial position we are in currently.  Please join me in voting for Maria, Matt, and Mr. Garvin on November 7th.

Respectfully Yours,

Andy Russell
Member, Old Lyme Board of Finance