East Lyme Democrats Will Represent Residents on Town Development

Credit: Robin Breeding


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To the Editor:

In our shoreline communities, developers are eager to buy up and build anywhere they can. In East Lyme, our town government has been dominated by republicans who view this as a great thing. When people in town voice concerns they are told that there is nothing that the town can do, and yet they cut every corner for these developers. Traffic study? Isn’t needed. Sidewalk requirement? Waived. Environmental concerns? They aren’t worried, any way to cut a coroner for developers they take it.

But when it comes to things that might actually benefit the people of East Lyme, they do nothing. It took them years to protect Oswegatchie Hills, they dragged their feet and now they are paying a premium to only acquire part of the property. Residents want to be added to the water and sewage system and the town says there just isn’t room. But when someone building million-dollar condos needs access suddenly they find it. 

That will change if Dan Cunningham is elected First Selectman. Dan cares about East Lyme and the concerns its residents have. If the residents of East Lyme help elect a majority of Democrats for every board we can have a government that works for the residents of East Lyme.

Nick Menapace
Democratic Candidate for East Lyme Planning Commission