If You Fear For Our Country’s Future, Vote


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To the Editor:

For three decades we have seen an assault on the Constitution by the Democratic Party.  The Constitution defines the country — three branches of government dependent on each other yet separated assuring that no single branch can control our sovereignty.  A document whose foundation was built upon virtue, moral fortitude, and values molding our ideals and culture. Then why does the Democratic party in Washington have so much disdain for the very document that has made this country so great?  

In recent decades, they have fought to change the meaning of what our Forefathers sought to achieve.  They have become determined to grow government as they perceive it.  As a result, they stopped protecting our sovereignty.  They have created open borders allowing illegal immigrants to invade our country in order to grow their base with no regard for US citizens at a cost of billions of taxpayer dollars.  They are transforming America to accommodate people who have no understanding of our Constitution, rule of law, our history, and our culture.  They nor their children will not be taught meaning of patriotism, instead they will be taught to hate the US as the result of the Biden administration creating a massive welfare state which will create nothing more than despair and discontent.  It is apparent that their goal to end our country we know it. 

As a political party they have allowed the Cartels to become billion-dollar enterprises at the cost of American lives.  They seek to fundamentally transform America by expanding the welfare state. The American dream of prosperity is being devoured by economic socialism.  The Washington elite dictate what kind of cars we can drive, the food we can eat, what types of stoves we can cook on, what fuel we can use to heat our homes, the medicine we receive, what types of lightbulbs we can use, etc. 

Somewhere in the last three decades Washington stopped serving taxpayers and started serving itself.  They make decisions based upon their self-interest.  They claim to take the moral high ground yet the policies coming out of Washington undermine the very principles they claim allegiance to.  They usurp individuality through entitlements and other material needs while disobeying the laws they are sworn to protect.  Presidents, legislators, and senators use their offices to obtain personal wealth by plundering our political system leaving the burden to fall on the 40+% of the US population that pays taxes. 

We as US citizens have allowed the liberal left to change the philosophical, moral, ethical, and political premises upon which our Republic was formed. Unfortunately, the meaning of freedom has become freedom from responsibility.  Government’s duty should be to enforce the Constitution, the protections there-in, and the rights of individuals to” life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”  What we have received instead is an administration using its coercive power to gain votes by compelling one group of citizens over another group as in racism, LGBQ, Wokeism, illegal immigration, etc.  It is perverse and goes against a free, prosperous and ethical society. 

We have liberal government programs that support the breakup of families, out of wedlock births, increased crime, the death of unborn children, and the amorality of our education system without parental consent. We have seen a collapse of the rule of law that that provided authority that guided us toward virtuous behavior.  Government should not be dictated by political parties mandating outcomes. 

If you fear for our country’s future, each and every one of us needs to exercise our right to vote for change before it is too late.  For a Republican Democracy to succeed government must have only limited powers as described in the Constitution. 

William R. Bellotti
Middlebury, CT

Bellotti served as Deputy Labor Commissioner under Gov. John Rowland