‘6th Dimension’ Festival Celebrating Afrofuturism Unfolds in New Haven and Hamden

"6th Dimension" Exhibit Opening Reception on Aug. 26, 2023: Attendees posing in art-photo Installation (Credit: Lotta Studio)


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NEW HAVEN/HAMDEN, CT – The Afrofuturist wave has taken over New Haven/Hamden, and it’s dazzling. As part of the city-wide festival, “6th Dimension” celebrates the intersections of Afrofuturism from visual art to innovative literature, with a discussion called “Into the Afroverse Summit” happening on October 14th.

Afrofuturism is a cultural and artistic movement that combines elements of Black history, culture, and science fiction to reimagine and envision a future with Black people at the forefront. It intertwines African diaspora traditions with technology and looks at both the past and the future to celebrate Black culture. 

The events in ”6th Dimension” use art to discuss the pain of the past, the challenges of the present, and the potential of the future. These aspects collide in an expansive landscape where Black experiences and possibilities are ceaselessly reimagined.

“6th Dimension” Installation At The Lab at ConnCORP, Hamden CT (Credit: Maza Rey Photography)

NXTVN will play host to the summit on October 14, acting as a beacon for artists, innovators, scholars, and the community to discuss the philosophy and practice of Afrofuturism. The summit is sponsored by CT Humanities and the City of New Haven Department of Arts, Culture & Tourism.

One of the highlights of the summit will be the participation of Dr. Reynaldo Anderson and Ingrid LaFleur, renowned figures in the realm of Afrofuturism. Their insights, combined with contributions from local entrepreneurs, artists, and innovators, promise to create a robust dialogue on Afrofuturism’s capacity for self-healing and community upliftment.

While the artistic and visionary aspects of Afrofuturism are central, “Into the Afroverse” also ensures these imaginations have practical applications. Topics including queer history, social equity, art history, and technology will be explored and interpreted through an Afrofuturist lens.

“Art often serves as a reflection of the world, but my aim is for it to serve as a gateway into a realm of limitless potential within the Black experience, one that transcends the constraints of colonialism and white supremacy. I hope to inspire people to envision a future where Black individuals are not merely surviving but thriving,” said Juanita Sunday, Creative Director of 6th Dimension.

The essence of the “6th Dimension” events is not passive observation but active participation. It beckons attendees to see the power of Afrofuturism as a tool for community transformation. How can we, regardless of our backgrounds, harness this to effect positive change in our neighborhoods, cities, and beyond?

“6th Dimension” Events:

6th Dimension” Art Exhibition
Dates: August 26th to October 28th
Location: The Lab at ConnCORP, Hamden CT

Afrofuturism & Jazz: Performance
Dates: September 29th (2pm-5pm)
Location: Possible Futures Bookstore, New Haven CT

Afrogalactic Tea Party
Dates: Sunday, October 1st (2pm-5pm)
Location: BLOOM, New Haven CT

“Into the Afroverse” Summit
Saturday, October 14th (10am-8pm)
Location: NXTHVN, New Haven CT

Dirty Computer Screening, Talk & Dance Party
Dates: Thursday, October 19th (6-9pm)
Location: Best Film & Video, Hamden CT

The Memory Librarian Book Club Social (Part 2)
Dates: Wednesday, October 25th (6pm-9pm)
Location: BLOOM, New Haven CT
(Part 1 took place on Sept. 27)