Wallingford Door Knocking: Concerns about School Safety and Security


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To the Editor:

I wanted you to know that since my last letter to you, my campaign to be a member of the Wallingford Board of Education has been going very well! I have knocked on over 500 doors, and have met many amazing people around town. A few years ago, you never would’ve seen me walking up Ward Street Extension, in August’s ninety-degree heat, asking for votes. But I did and will continue on meeting and talking to my future constituents. After all, it’s worth it … for our students!

I have learned that one of the things that many Wallingford residents are concerned about is the safety and structure of our schools. During my employment with the Department of Labor, I served as Chief Union Steward, and addressed safety issues that needed mitigation. From dangerously high or low temperatures in buildings, to burst pipes that flooded restrooms, to parking lot safety and threat/violence prevention, I learned to be quick-footed and nimble, while also protecting the rights of my fellow employees. As the wife and daughter-in-law of retired municipal police officers, safety concerns have always been table-talk in my household, and through those discussions, I learned to think broadly when it comes to security and safety matters.

I believe that my experiences would be a productive addition to the Wallingford Board of Education, and I look forward to being part of the team that works toward providing the best educational opportunities for our students, young and old(er). 

On Election Day, find me on the ballot in Box 11B. In the meantime, I’d love to connect! You can find me on Facebook “Caroline Raynis for BOE,” on Instagram @CarolineRaynisForBOE, or you can e-mail me at carolinerayniscares@gmail.com. With more door-knocking on my horizon, I hope to see you soon!

Caroline Raynis
5 Saddlebrook Drive
Wallingford, Conn.