Given Questions, Public Opposition, Why Did Guilford Approve Zoning Changes?

Route 1 in Guilford, near the Branford border (Credit: Google Map Data, 2023)


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To the Editor:

RE “Guilford Residents Worry Zoning Changes Will ‘Forever Change the Look and Feel of Our Town,’” (Sept. 21):

I don’t understand why these zoning changes were approved. Every resident that attended this meeting was opposed to it. Not one was in favor of it. So what on earth would make these people who are SUPPOSED TO BE representing the residents of Guilford approve this? Why was there only one person who voted against it? One person who voted for it is even quoted in this article as if he’s in favor of looking at it further, so why did he vote to approve? Is everyone serving on the committee just there to rubber stamp everything?

We should all remember the names of those who voted to approve this, so when Guilford is no longer the town we know and love, we will know who to thank.

Michele Bowe
Guilford resident