In the Face of Name-Calling, We Stand Strong for Greenwich


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To the Editor:

In these polarizing times, I find solace in the childhood saying, “Sticks and stones will break my bones, but names will never hurt me.”

As the Chair of the Republican Party in Greenwich, a position I unexpectedly found myself in, I have learned to weather the storm of mudslinging and name-calling from my opponents. It’s a role I accepted with open arms, unanimously voted in, and with the dedication of a mother who got off the couch to make a difference in her community.

Amidst the diverse rhetoric and the name-calling, I have discovered something remarkable — humor. For instance, our opponents’ penchant for labeling Republicans as “MAGA” and “extreme” is almost comical. They seem to be following a well-worn playbook that accuses us relentlessly of the same. But here’s the truth: our party is a tapestry of voices, and we listen. Take, for example, our first Fourth of July parade.

Our MAGA contingent was thrilled and ready to celebrate America, singing with gusto from the hills. However, one member raised his hand and said, “Let’s make this parade about the Fourth not about Republicans.” We discussed, and we agreed. Our banner would reflect the spirit of Independence Day, not a partisan agenda. “Home of the Free, Because of the Brave.”

The most recent name hurled our way is “antisemitic.” If it weren’t so baseless, one might find it laughable. Our elected Vice Chair is a devout Jew, as were the most recent Congressional candidates, Leora Levy and Michael Goldstein. All have been staunch supporters of our party. Then there’s the absurd claim that we harbor hatred for the LBGTQ+ community. Our Vice Chair a retired NYC police officer, once protected that very community in Greenwich Village as a plain-clothed detective.

But let’s not forget the crowning moment when our Democratic counterparts penned an op-ed, calling for my resignation. Yes, you read that right. They asked me to resign. One might think that’s a bit unhinged. In the corporate world, if a competitor asked the Chairman of a firm to resign, they’d likely have a good laugh. The competition doesn’t like me? Well, that might just mean I am doing something right.

We Republicans can stand tall, secure in the knowledge that we are an inclusive, diverse group that believes in the good governance of Greenwich. Our town is blessed with intelligent citizens who refuse to accept everything they read, no matter how many times it is repeated.

Take a look at our slate of candidates — our Board of Estimation and Taxation (BET) features individuals from Hispanic, Italian, Greek, Indian American and White backgrounds. In contrast, our opponents present a slate of six Caucasians, five men and one woman, reflecting a stark lack of diversity and decades of white privilege.

I invite everyone to attend our meetings and see for themselves the spirit of unity and inclusivity that defines our party. And when the time comes, November 7th, remember to cast your vote for Republicans to keep Greenwich strong, beautiful and affordable for all.

Beth MacGillivray
Chair, Greenwich Republicans