Wake Up, Greenwich!


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To the Editor:

In politics, there’s a saying about “the tail wagging the dog.” It means that someone or something less important ends up controlling a more significant entity. We saw it on a grand scale during the George W. Bush administration when powerful figures manipulated a president without much experience. 

Guess what? We’re witnessing a similar scenario right here in Greenwich.

Our First Selectman, Fred Camillo, is supposed to be the “dog” in this analogy, representing our town’s best interests. But it’s become painfully clear that the “tail,” or the Republican Town Committee, is the one calling the shots. 

Let’s talk facts.

For three years, Mr. Camillo stayed clear of school budget matters. But this year, he suddenly cut Central Middle School’s budget by a whopping $10 million, playing right into the RTC’s agenda of downsizing a much-needed new school.

He stood by silently as RTC leaders launched nasty public attacks on PTA/PTAC members, school building committee volunteers, and even the League of Women Voters. 

Why didn’t Mr. Camillo condemn these attacks? Why didn’t he speak up when the RTC targeted even fellow Republicans on the Board of Education or the first-term RTM moderator, who happens to be the first woman in town history to hold the role?

And why did he greenlight a $346K investigation into hiring practices at Cos Cob school when four other investigations were already underway? 

Our local Republican Party has strayed far from its moderate roots, morphing into a group of fear-mongers obsessed with pushing national culture war issues on our town.

Recently, the RTC attacked a Jewish Democratic BET candidate, Scott Kalb, by labeling him a “globalist.” This term has been recognized as an antisemitic dog whistle, yet Mr. Camillo didn’t condemn the RTC or its social media posts. 

In fact, he stood by when Michael Goldstein and Leora Levy penned an incoherent letter-to-the-editor defending their smear campaign and absurdly accusing Democrats of being antisemitic. 

Greenwich deserves better. We’ve had 20 years of Republican rule in the First Selectman’s office and a near century-long monopoly of the BET. It’s time for a change. 

Let’s take control of our town’s destiny and not let the RTC’s tail continue to wag our dog.

Lorelei O’Hagan
Cos Cob, CT