Perhaps Disagreements Among our Townspeople in Lyme Now Exist, But I Hope Not


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I am a Lyme resident who proudly served on the Board of Finance for 13 years, the last part of which as Chairman. My points concern prior letters by Herbert Ross and Stephen Gencarella.  My letter is an amplification of prior years without adding my personal opinion of today’s town politics.

  1. In my 13 years i can recall only one vote without 100% agreement of the Finance Committee.  In that one rare vote of disagreement, I was the sole vote against the rebuilding of the town hall and library expansion. 

    I wanted more evidence of increased townspeople involvement before making the financial commitment. There was no question in my mind about the need of new buildings or the amount to be spent. The expansion was proposed by the first selectman (R), endorsed by the chairman (R) with only my vote (R) against. 13 years of no disagreement by any D and only 1 (R) vote against for delay certainly was evidence of all members in agreement with common goals.

  2. I was most proud of the annual meetings where the room was filled with townspeople.  If any disagreement was expressed before their vote, I do not recall it.

  3. I totally agree with the comments about the difficulty finding candidates to run for office.  I had to be convinced by my party chair. When I left as chairman (only because of my age), one D said she was considering leaving as well. I convinced her to stay. The fact we were in different parties made no difference. I was not aware of anyone’s interest to serve without finding and convincing a new potential candidate.

Perhaps disagreements among our townspeople now exist, but I hope not. I have not read about controversy.  The need to create disagreement in party divisions if we are all working towards common goals does not inspire me.

Tom Boyd
Lyme, CT