Let’s Provide the Animals in Stamford Shelter With the Better Lives They Deserve


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To the Editor:

I read with dismay the July 28th story “Board of Finance Nixes Simmons Plan to Replace Stamford’s Aging Animal Shelter.”

I am well acquainted with this wonderful shelter and have worked with them for my Free the Shelters campaign, which pays all adoption fees to give its animals new homes.

Anyone visiting the shelter would witness first-hand how Officer Tilford Cobb, the shelter’s manager, struggles every day to care for the animals in deplorable conditions.

The shelter was built in 1960 and desperately needs to be updated.

Schoolchildren visit the shelter. What are we teaching our young people about caring for animals when they witness the rundown conditions of Stamford Animal Control?

I urge the Board of Finance to reconsider the $320,300 fee to pay an architect to design a new shelter. The Stamford Animal Alliance has already raised $160,000 demonstrating that people truly care about the animals in this shelter.

Stamford is a wonderful city and a great place to live and work. Let’s provide the animals in Stamford shelter with the better lives they deserve.

Cathy Kangas
New Canaan, CT

Kangas is CEO and Founder of PRAI Beauty and the Cathy Kangas Foundation for Animals.