Tweed Board ‘Unfairly Stacked Against East Haven’

Recent flooding at Tweed Airport (courtesy of the author)


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To the Editor

Kenneth Dagliere is the only Tweed Board member who has any real concerns and interest in the irreversible negative impact the expansion will have on East Haven, Morris Cove and Short Beach. The man literally stands alone on a board intent of pushing through a project that is full of challenges, potential dangers and problems. 

No studies have been done by Tweed. 10,000 Hawks contacted Tuft’s University who has just finished an air quality study. 

It’s all crafted information to fool the public! The board is unfairly stacked against East Haven as New Haven has more board members. When the intention is to burden East Haven, why don’t they at least have an equal stake?? Sadly not all board members attend the meetings. Is this a way of benefiting the airport? Every Board member should be required to attend! If they don’t then replace them! 

The rhetoric would be comical if not so absolutely dangerous to the residents! The lies, misinformation and manipulated information is insulting! Eyes don’t lie! Noses don’t lie, lack of sleep from excessive noise is not a lie! History doesn’t lie. Experience doesn’t lie! 

But a group of carefully selected people spew out false information, manipulated data and blatant lies!

DEMAND changes! This is not done! It is your future and that of your children at stake here! 

The FAA needs to ask for an EIS! Anything less will create legal issues and lawsuits!

To say the expansion is improving our lives is the greatest insult and travesty of all!!!

Jean Edwards-Chieppo
East Haven, CT