Urge Congress to Pass the READ Act


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To the Editor

In 2022 the Reinforcing Education Accountability in Development (READ) Act Reauthorization bill was introduced in Congress. However, while passing in the House it was unable to pass in the Senate. Luckily this bill has been introduced yet again in 2023 and this time it is crucial that its passage is prioritized.

According to UNESCO 260 million children worldwide are without access to quality education. This staggering statistic was worsened by the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic which UNICEF estimates resulted in a loss of 2 trillion learning hours. Decreased access to education threatens a global loss of GDP and increased poverty rates. However, the READ Act Reauthorization would guarantee that this crucial act continues for five more years. This act ensures that the US government continues to prioritize improving literacy worldwide and continues vigilant monitoring of global educational progress.

As a trailblazer in global education the United States must stand behind this act and demonstrate the value of educational development worldwide. Please contact your congressional leaders and urge them to support this act today. 

Macy Hanzlik-Barend
West Hartford, CT