We Have Allowed Government to Change the Premises Upon Which Our Democratic Society Operates


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To the Editor:

We have reached a tipping point in the US.  Government has become so large and so intrusive into all aspects of our daily lives. The Washington elite tell us what kind of cars we can drive, what type of heat to use for our homes and to cook with, the food we eat, the medicine we receive, etc.  They interfere in law enforcement, education, transportation, health, and welfare.  They make voluntary decisions based upon self-interests.  They put limits on our individual freedoms limiting the ability of industrious Americans to experience the American Dream.    

There is no more morality left in government.  There is certainly no distinction between right and wrong.   If one reads the Constitution, you will see that freedom is dependent upon virtue.  Elected politicians and bureaucrats take no personal responsibility for their actions.  Virtue and morals are what bond us as a people.  It is what creates character.  What is happening in Washington lacks the character that promotes the common good for all American citizens.  The current Administration is doing its best to destroy the moral fabric that comprises a civil society, weaponizing government, woke theory, CRT, anti-religion.  Government claims to take the moral high ground yet the policies coming out of Washington undermine the very people they claim allegiance to by usurping individuality through entitlements, welfare and other material needs.  Government has grown at such a rate it transcends the political landscape.  Politicians disobey the very laws they are sworn to protect!  Political self-interest and special interests have corrupted political outcomes through lobbying.  Politicians obtain votes for campaign contributions and in return spend billions of taxpayer dollars on programs and regulations that benefit special interest groups which they arrogantly claim are for the betterment of the citizenry they are supposed to represent.  Presidents, Legislators, and Senators use their offices to obtain material wealth by manipulating and plundering our political system.  As a result, the burden falls on the 40% of the US population that pays taxes.  Why? The average citizen in the US has no interest in learning the pros and cons of any of the programs that come out of Washington, state government or local government.  Because of it, government grows exponentially. 

The question for every taxpayer is how we return to limited government and stop the interventionist welfare state.  The 2024 elections will be one of the most important elections of this century.  1. We need to scrutinize candidates.  2. Look at their backgrounds.  3. Are they ethical and what vision do they have to make the country better, 4. Does their background show the management skills and decision-making skills needed to hold office.  5. Are they capable of producing change?  6. Do they bring value added? 

We have allowed government to change the philosophical, moral, ethical, political premises upon which our democratic society operates.  Government can only grow as long as we accept a society based upon the empty notion of the welfare state. Government’s duty should be to enforce the Constitution, the protections there-in, and the rights of individuals to “life Liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”  It should not be expanding special interest to gain votes.  Using government’s coercive power to compel one group of citizens over another group is perverse and goes against a free, prosperous, and ethical society.  Citizens need to seek out and understand the programs coming out of Washington and State government and voice your opinion.  Secondly, you need to exercise your right to vote otherwise change will never come. 

William R. Bellotti
Middlebury, CT

Bellotti served as Deputy Labor Commissioner under Gov. John Rowland