What’s the Opportunity Cost of Not Financing New School Construction in Stamford?


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To the Editor:

Has anyone asked what’s the cost of not replacing Westhill? Roxbury? Cloonan? KT Murphy? Etc.?

I have no idea why we allow our elected officials to strangle our capital projects that have already been approved and are badly needed.  Yes retiring and building new schools is going to cost us the taxpayers money but the state is chipping in 80% of the cost, but the long term economic impact should far outweigh the short-term tax burden

Stamford is one of the few cities in the state, and the region to be growing.  In order to continue to attract people we must invest in our schools and our infrastructure to support this growth.  In spite of what builders believe you cannot just build housing and they will come.  We must update our infrastructure and our schools to encourage new families to stay in Stamford

People complain all the time that this investment doesn’t happen as new housing units are still being proposed. Well now is the time to call the Board of Finance and the Board of Reps to demand they keep these projects moving forward. 

If these projects get delayed or cancelled is that going to encourage young families to continue to move here?  Is that going to motivate our children to move back here to raise their families here?   

This is as they say is a no brainer.

Jeff Herz
Stamford, CT