What We Have is Taxation Without Representation


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To the Editor:

After reading all the proposed tax increases, fee increases, and more I have come to the accurate conclusion that our elected representatives at local, state and federal level do not represent us at all. What we have is what our forefathers fought against “Taxation without Representation”.

The fact that our “representatives” would even consider raising taxes, fees, hiring more personnel increasing salaries and pensions of civil servants who are the employees of the taxpayer, while the private industry taxpayers are struggling to eat, take care of their children and their homes due to the rampant inflation caused by the government shows they do not care about the taxpaying citizens they are supposed to represent.

The government has nothing, produces nothing, exists solely on the money it takes from private industry workers and companies. To call these people officials, is totally wrong. They are elected representatives and civil servants not officials or rulers, they are employees of We The People it’s time they are reminded of this and start representing us the way they are supposed to and not special interest groups, multinational corporations or other countries.

Public service unions need to be abolished. With all the laws protecting workers now there is no need for unions. What we have with public service unions is paid off voting blocks. Vote for this party and you get raises, better healthcare better pensions. 18 U.S. Code § 597 – Expenditures to influence voting, makes this illegal.

Because of onerous regulations set in place by the ruling two parties and the support of MSM for those two parties, it is very difficult to set-up a viable political party to return control to We The People of their lives, country and most important their government.

It is time when voting to ignore the party affiliation and look instead on whether the elected public representative honors their oath to uphold and defend the U.S. Constitution and they put the rights, needs and wants of American citizens over any other country or multinational corporation.

Bring back America and Freedom!

Jim Neilson
Cheshire, CT