An Environmental Impact Statement is the Only Review Any Governmental Agency Will Make on the Tweed Expansion


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To the Editor:

Tweed’s proposed expansion has been off-loaded by the Tweed Airport Authority and the City of New Haven to a financial giant of Wall Street:  Goldman Sachs.  Goldman now runs the airport through its subsidiary, Avports, which was granted a 43 year lease by Tweed and the City of New Haven. Tweed’s passenger airline, Avelo, is primarily owned by Morgan Stanley, another Wall Street titan. Goldman’s and Morgan’s chartered purpose is to grow the wealth of their financial stakeholders.  Goldman recently admitted in a US federal court that it defrauded the nation of Malaysia and its citizenry.  The Court assessed a fine of Three Billion Dollars!  Neither Goldman nor Morgan care a whit about any of the people or the environments affected by Tweed’s proposed expansion.

The City of New Haven and Tweed’s Airport Authority have promised to support Goldman and Morgan in their plan to expand Tweed and have relinquished their statutory responsibilities of oversight.  Neither the City, our local politicians, nor the Authority will be looking out for metropolitan New Haven’s communities and its environment. 

Goldman, Morgan, the City of New Haven and the Tweed Airport Authority argue that an Environmental Impact Statement is not necessary; they ask us to trust their self-serving “analysis” that the expansion will have no impact. 

An Environmental Impact Statement is absolutely necessary. Prepared with input by the EPA and local citizenry, an EIS will put forth a more balanced view of how Tweed’s proposed expansion will disrupt neighborhoods, traffic, and the environment, and whether it indeed exacts too high a price. Without an EIS, there will be no review and Goldman and Morgan will have the unfettered paths to their financial liking.

Laurence Nadel
Branford, CT