There are Many Negatives to Consider Before Approving a Waterford Data Center


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To the Editor:

Our family home was built in 1965, before Millstone 1 was built, on Gun Shot Road in Waterford. We are closest to the power plant and very close to the proposed location of this massive data center. Please look carefully at the site maps especially the cooling unit and the distances to nearby homes.

Because we live next to a nuclear power plant that presently generates lots of noise, it is unfair that we should have to tolerate an additional source of noise. The combined effect of noise from a data center plus power plant daily operations, loud speaker tests, construction, in addition to the daily power plant drone, would destroy the peaceful use of our homes. On many nights, especially when the trees are leafless, we hear steam release events, loud diesel generators, back up tones from trucks working on the casks for spent fuel and various construction projects etc. Yes, we also have spent nuclear fuel stored near us too.

The Day and CT Examiner have reported and opined about only the positive aspects of this proposal but there are many negatives to consider beyond the additional noise pollution.

This company, NE Edge, was not allowed to build in both Groton and Montville for good reasons . The track record of their business practices is poor and perhaps unethical. They have never built any other data centers to date.

We have elderly and health compromised residents that would suffer from additional disturbance.

Waterford has even larger areas of land designated for industrial purposes. A large half empty mall, near a highway could be utilized .

Environmental impacts! The Environmental impact study must be made public! Wetlands are in this area. Flood zone considerations …

Regulatory oversight of data centers is nonexistent or “self” regulatory — proposed noise studies and control would be provided by NE Edge! No thank you. We need independent, unbiased studies and regulators.

Residents living near other large data centers in Virginia are experiencing problems with noise (Prince William County).

I urge you to respect our property rights to peace as they did in Groton and reject this location for the data center proposed.

Laurette Saller
Waterford, CT