Fairfield Noise Ordinance is ‘the Very Worst of Government’


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To the Editor:

I found out about a noise ordinance being proposed by the RTM while listening to a finance budget meeting. 

A group of RTM members have been working on this for some time, but this was the first I’ve heard of it. It hasn’t been in the news even though one of the proponents of this new town ordinance is Representative Vergara, who is known to send out e-blasts to residents in the interest of ‘transparency’ and ‘good government’, on town matters such as charter revision or the repair to Penfield pavilion. 

This noise ordinance has been in development for over a year and is on Monday night’s RTM agenda. It includes sweeping implications for residents, yet no information has been shared with the public about the impacts. 

This is the very worst of the government. I looked up the details of this noise ordinance proposal and it is government overreach invading the personal freedoms of individuals wishing to mow their lawn after a long day of work, have a birthday party or really any social gathering in their own backyards over 55 decibels. By the way, 55 decibels is described as “moderate to soft sounds”.   With this proposal if there’s a neighbor within 150 feet unhappy with your daytime activities, they can call the police and you can be issued a fine. 

This noise ordinance will create hostile neighborhoods, and police will have to issue infractions for backyard enjoyment, and effectively ban any events that aren’t open to the public. 

This will also prevent any private events at Burr, Penfield & Jacky Durrell, and will have a devastating impact on local contractors, landscapers, garbage trucks and many more. 

Have any of these local businesses been asked for their input?

Is this good governance? Transparency? 

Is anyone aware this is being pushed through the RTM?

Email the RTM at rtm@fairfieldct.org.

Evan Snapper
Fairfield, CT