Democratic Majority Erases Accomplishments of Town Employees in Fairfield


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To the Editor:

During the February 27th RTM meeting the Democrat majority voted to erase the accomplishments of town employees from the official record as submitted by the First Selectwoman during her January State of the Town address.

In violation of Robert’s Rules of Order, and the RTM Rules to Regulate, the Democrats, led by Liz Zezima, D-4, voted to erase from the official public record the Year in Review Report highlighting the good work of the men and women who serve in town departments including Police, Fire, Park & Rec, DPW, Social Services, the Library and so much more, which had been submitted to the Clerk for the record and acknowledged in the First Selectwoman’s remarks before the Body.

Why? Petty partisanship in an election year.

The Democrats are so afraid of the successful leadership shown by our First Selectwoman they voted to delete a report demonstrating the hard work of all town departments, really? This is a new low for a governing town body and unbecoming of elected officials. 

In all our collective years serving the public we have never entertained the thought of censoring our Democrat colleagues. Maintaining transparent public records is the expectation, and what should remain despite any political differences.   

We should all celebrate and highlight the success of our town, not erase it in an attempt for political gain. 

Here is the link to the year in review as published by the First Selectwoman.

Pamela Iacono
Edward Bateson
Fairfield, CT

Iacono is RTM Minority Leader and Bateson is RTM Deputy Minority Leader