Tweed Expansion Deserves Study, Not Computer Algorithms


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To the Editor:

We are going to be getting the FAA decision shortly on the EA “study”. Perhaps as soon as this Friday. They did not use actual data and did not include the horrible 737-800’s. It was all computer algorithms which is far from the actual information and true facts.

They did not do traffic studies, they did not use actual noise monitors and they completely ignored performing air studies which affect East Haven, New Haven, Branford, Guilford, Madison, West Haven, Milford, North Haven and Hamden. They have perpetuated a lie that we are Chicken Little screaming the “sky is falling”.

That is the furthest thing from the truth. We have provided FACTS and DATA.

This is an ongoing issue with Tweed, every 10 years they try ( so far unsuccessfully) to expand an airport that is in wetlands, has fog and high winds, at times no visibility. This weather which results in delays,
diversions, missed landings, and terrifying the passengers, has a history of accidents. It is a huge concern to those people who are educated.

For those pro expansion people we get convenience. But the devastating impact is not worth it. This is about a few billionaires getting richer at the behest of Goldman Sachs for Yale.

They have disturbed our lives, our precious wetlands, our wildlife and habitats. Our Shell fish and our own health and that of our pets is a very serious and criminal act! It is an environmental disaster. East Haven is an Environmental Justice town, but the people who will be most impacted do not matter to Tweed and the politicians pushing this nightmare!


We will have time for public response. Every single person who is against this expansion must speak up! Please pass this on get people involved and let these greedy corporations find another area to destroy.

The future of our town hangs in the balance!!!! The time is now, DEMAND an EIS!!!!!!

Jean Edwards-Chieppo
East Haven, CT