Old Lyme Republican Town Committee Addresses Allegations of a Toxic Work Environment


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A recent editorial in the Connecticut Examiner described disturbing allegations of toxic behavior toward Town Employees that have been and are still occurring in the Old Lyme Town Hall. Abusive language, derogatory comments, racial epithets, physical abuse, and sexual misconduct by some town employees towards other town employees must not be tolerated. The article identified at least two abusers inflicting their vitriol and horrific behavior on many town employees. It is time for immediate action.

In addition, the article also cited allegations of forged time sheets. We assume that was investigated. And, if true, it would constitute a crime. It is a theft against the taxpayers of Old Lyme.

This is an election year and soon the campaign season will begin. We hope that these matters simply do not become a finger pointing campaign issue.  As described in the article, this situation has been going on for a long time and there is room to criticize both parties. This egregious behavior should present an opportunity for both parties to come together to demand that discipline be meted out to the offenders to include immediate termination of their town employment. If that means the town will be involved in future litigation then that is the price we will have to bear to protect our town employees and to keep them free from a toxic work environment.

We do applaud the current administration for the hiring of a human resource professional. That is a very positive step in the right direction. We also applaud the Connecticut Examiner for its fearlessness in bringing this matter into the daylight.

Immediate corrective action should be undertaken to end this intolerable behavior in our town .

Randy Nixon, Chairman
Old Lyme Republican Town Committee