The Only Thing We Need to Fear From Government is Government Itself


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To the Editor:

Ronald Regan was right!  “The only thing we need to fear from government is government itself.”   Liberal policies are destroying our Republic.  Cradle to grave spending encompassing Social Security, medical care, food, heating fuel, groceries, rent subsidies, cell phones, transportation, has become multi-generational.  Before our very eyes we are watching a third of Americans lose the incentive to work and earn. Labor participation has reached an all-time low.  Small businesses which are the bloodline of our economy have not been able to hire. 

At the same time the Biden Administration seeks to create massive tax hikes seeking to confiscate the wealth not only of the rich but the middleclass.  Zero economic growth, trillions in spending, and big government becoming 43.6 % of the economy can only lead to more regulations and billions in taxation.  According to our own government the debt ratio has risen 106% since Biden has come into office.  The inflation we feel at the grocery store, the gas pump, in housing costs are a direct result of the Biden Administration increasing the money supply beyond what is needed for economic growth. 

The result is class warfare between the haves and haves-nots resulting in equity verse equality, white verses minority.  In our inner cities we are experiencing total social discord.  Murder, assault, hit and runs, and theft have reached new heights with liberal DA’s allowing criminals having committed multiple crimes back on the streets without having to post bond while liberal governors are closing prisons allowing early release of criminals back into the population.   

Higher education is indoctrinating our children.  A slow process but non-the-less effective.  The use of social media with government deciding what is best for you.  There is so much Government participation doctors cannot go into private practice forcing physicians to work for government regulated hospital hospitals.  The Biden Administration utilizing social media to influence the outcome of elections.  The last two years have created more devastation to our Republic than the previous two decades.  Weaponizing social media, the FBI, IRS, and the DOJ shows the power the Democrats have.  They have infiltrated our voting system with early voting, lack of proper identification, and mail in ballots prone to corrupting the outcome.  They continue to discredit the Constitution and the Founded Fathers threatening to change the Supreme Court to suit their needs.  The Biden Administration is singly responsible for the thousands of deaths in the US due to fentanyl as well as the slavery of children and women through human trafficking by ignoring our Southern border.  They are solely responsible for lack of national security allowing millions of unvetted, non-vaccinated illegals entering the US while ignoring current US immigration law with impunity.       

The Republican party has become part and parcel.  A minor distraction from the power plays of the Biden Administration.  Their inability to have any impact over the last two years is beyond comprehension.  Sadly, the damage has been done.  They are as guilty as the Democrats voting for an unnecessary 1.7 trillion Omnibus Bill in return for earmarks, most of which only impact a few states while neglecting the majority.  Other than keeping government open this bill was not a necessity, and will do nothing but add more inflation.  Sadly, conservatives have lost faith in the Republican Party.  One cannot blame them!  Look at their performance.  America is the last great hope for a free society.  Yet most conservative voters do not see this as a turning point in our country.  How much worse does it have to become before they realize their vote can change the outcome.   

William R. Bellotti
Middlebury, CT

Bellotti served as Deputy Labor Commissioner under Gov. John Rowland