Arvoy: Pioli Supports a Curriculum that Gives Each Student a Path to Success


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To the Editor:

My name is Paul Arvoy. I am writing you today to express my concerns because of the slippery slope that the DCC is taking for undermining education in Stamford. Today I am throwing all my support behind the appointment of Jackie Pioli for Board of Education and I implore the Board of Representatives to take a long, hard look at the facts and nominate Jackie for the board to fill Ben Lee’s seat.

The facts are prevalent and trace right back to our current education leaders, including Jennienne Burke, who have been an integral part in declining education for over at least a decade. With the endorsement of Jackie Pioli we can correct this direction and move forward with a plan to make schools educational and return them back to a safe haven for all students striving for an important simple goal of education. We owe this to our students. They deserve better than what the current leadership is supplying them with. We need to be effective and Burke’s direction is counter productive. Her policies, as a part of education are more like oil and water, when you pour oil into the water it creates separation just like Burke’s policies that create more separation between education and students.

With my endorsement of Jackie Pioli, we need to send a message to all students and parents that no matter how lofty your goals may be the Stamford school system is behind you in attaining the most effective education to strive for those goals that might seem unattainable, as opposed to being told you can’t achieve therefore we must degrade education so everyone gets a mediocre education, which in turn does not fulfill the students needs and makes them question the system in turn pushing students away from school. This includes the students they claim to help but in retrospect these students get hurt the most. The policies that Burke is aligned with will not just be detrimental to education for all it will crush the people they claim it will help. We need a welcome environment for all, which starts with the adults in the room which leads me to nominate Jackie Pioli for Ben Lee’s Board of education seat because her view will propel students by installing a curriculum that gives each student a path to success.

I want to reiterate that during the appointment process it was stressed many times that we are striving for a positive education that will give ALL STUDENTS a lifetime of opportunity no matter what direction they take or how high the hill is to climb. This is Jackie’s vision for Stamford Public Schools. This is the secret to successful education for every student in the Stamford education system. Ms. Burkes policies are soul crushing for our children which is noticeable in a continuing steep decline in education in Stamford under the current leadership that has been in place for a decade.

The proof is public knowledge that is right at your finger tips if you open your computer and choose to get informed. An informed individual is kryptonite to this agenda. This administration has single handedly undermined our schools with implementations that do not align with education. Jackie Pioli is the piece to this puzzle that will give Stamford a fair opportunity for education success, implementing policies that will bring education roaring back and bring positive solutions and outlooks for students to increase their confidence in going after their lifetime goal of independence and security in their life.  It is achievable for every student with a dream of success, with no barriers in place, to instill the feeling in each student that with hard work and a true support system that any goal they can dream of is within their reach. I stand with Jackie Pioli and great education for the future of Stamford’s children. This is one of the most important decisions Stamford will make in its history. Let’s get this right.

Paul Arvoy
Stamford, CT