Arvoy: Why I am Running for the Stamford Board of Education


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To the Editor:

I am approaching this with much needed change in mind. I feel we have some wonderful, passionate Board members who’s dedication to a successful education for all students is top priority. I feel the board is polarized by politics and I feel I can bring a voice of reason to the table. I feel D’s and R’s should be checked at the Board room door, the focus should be totally on the students. Decisions being made by the board should be non partisan.

The face of Stamford’s education is all too familiar and is a revolving door for recycled politicians. In a span of 10 years under the current leadership there is a plethora of factual information that shows partisan control of Central Office and the BOE that has led or contributed to a steep decline in education for Stamford students in the last 10 years. I attend as many boards meetings that I can and I noticed a disturbing contentious, atmosphere at each meeting with obvious, uncomfortable debate that gives residents a feeling of uncertainty with the structure of the board and how it’s leader conducts each meeting. It is obvious to concerned residents that certain board members are chided for their input when it falls along the opposition of the board majority. This division should not be a part of any board of education trying propel young minds to be prepared for the future. All input is crucial and one sided decisions being made will not benefit the students. Being involved I have noticed my own sense of divisiveness when it doesn’t have to be. We need a fresh face on the board who will listen and come to conclusions and solutions that will bring education in Stamford back to benefitting all of Stamford’s students to fulfill a lifetime of security in their lives. Band aid solutions that do not solve the true problems only kicks the can down the road as the difficult situation for Stamford’s students worsen.
I grew up in Stamford. I have lived in Stamford for 55 years. I attended and graduated Stamford public schools alongside my 2 brothers and sister. I have raised 4 children, with all of them attending and graduating from Stamford public schools. I have a 5th child at Westhill in 10th grade. My passion and concern derives from being a part of 4 decades of education in Stamford and witnessing our education system go from being a staple to attract new residents to Stamford, due to great education structure and high state rankings, to a district that has failing rankings and no control or structure in academia or student well being.

We need real solutions to the ever increasing population in Stamford and it’s unplanned inundation of students who need leaders to correct the root cause of our situation so we do not fail our children. Much of the problem lies in being overwhelmed with students, without a gradual plan to incorporate a diverse and socially complicated curriculum while taking control of the unfunded rush of students that do not have money following each child’s education. If 1/3 of the school population is unfunded, this is a recipe for educational disaster if not addressed immediately.

We want every student who wants a competent education to receive one. Great education should be afforded to all children. This will only happen when Central Office, the BOE, teachers, administrators, parents and community come together for the one thing we all can agree on, a positive academic learning experience so when our children graduate they can say proudly I received my life preparing education attending Stamford Public Schools.

Arvoy is running for the open Democratic seat on the Stamford Board of Education