We Aren’t Done Growing


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Every year that I’ve written one of these reflections for CT Examiner, I’ve come back to how grateful I am to be working for a paper that is growing instead of cutting back. 

When I started at CT Examiner two-and-a-half years ago, I was the third reporter working to cover mainly southeastern Connecticut and the shoreline. As a new reporter, I was already disappointed by the direction of local newspapers. But I was hopeful that a new, independent online paper could grow without some of the pressures that have driven chain-owned papers to contract. 

And so far, that’s worked. Since I joined, our editor Greg Stroud has continued to build a team of great journalists, and we’ve worked to spread our reach from New London to Fairfield County. 

Emilia Otte has been recognized as one of the best young journalists in New England for her work as a tireless watchdog of Connecticut schools. Angela Carella joined to continue her passionate pursuit of holding the powerful accountable in Stamford. And our newest reporter Sophia Muce is already making an impact after only a few months. 

And we aren’t done growing. We want to continue to hire reporters and cover more places and more issues. We have a path to continue to bring in talented, dedicated reporters. But we need you — the people who read CT Examiner and value the information we bring — to be a part of it. 

Subscribing to CT Examiner is $15 for an entire year. And you’re not just buying what we report now, you’re buying into the future of CT Examiner — an independent online newspaper that will continue to grow with more reporters and more news in more places.